I’ve been tasked (by myself) to build the new harbor bridge for the Bad Company town of Port Miggins. This is fine until I get harshed by a mantaray. Which is fine for the mantaray until I discover the harpoon gun. Bad day to be a mantaray.

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  1. Nina Axe

    The speargun is considered a 2 handed, that is why it had to go on the slot that the other 2 handed was at. You can put them on any of the hotbar spots but, can only have 1,  2 handed weapon or tool at a time on the hotbar.  🙂

  2. Maximus Haughton

    You don't have to demolish to upgrade, just have the stone bit out, as to build, and overlay the other and it builds and demolishs at the same time.

  3. Digger Ocean

    I don't believe you can build drawbridges, but you could possibly build something like a drawbridge with 2 elevators so the 2 platforms meet in the middle.

  4. jdoe

    Come on, take a guess. How expensive is the bridge going to be once it's finished? And will we see the Colonel's favorite bridge material green steel in the next episode? This and many more exciting things to come in the next episode of Uncle Pirate Colonel "Blackbeard" Failure's adventure on the high seas.

    Oh and Colonel… is Port Miggins a goods port or a passanger port? You know how confused you can get when planing a new port.

  5. Andy Timmons

    You were right the first time – there is still a large number – number being singular concept, despite representing multiple things. You'd use 'are' if you'd said ' there are large numbers…'

  6. Delbert Newman

    I didn't know until reading Moby Dick that the point of a harpoon was to fix the whaling boat to the hide of the whale, not to kill it. They used whaling lances to actually kill the whale.

  7. pepper

    this is fantastic, now where are you going to put the rail station and show majestic views of the train crossing the bridge whilst firing harpoon gun out of carriage window

  8. IndyHelis

    using way more material than you need to…. after your first few foundations where you got the height you wanted above the water you shouldve started using ceiling tiles and pillars ….

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