The Ultimate Welding and Metal Fabrication Fixture Table Build! I’m going to show you how you can build your own precision welding fixture table and welding clamps for a fraction of the cost of buying a name brand kit. I started out with some plate steel that I picked up for the price of scrap metal at my local scrap yard. Then I purchased some 5/8 shoulder bolts that will fit the 5/8″ holes we drill in the table. Lastly we modify some F-Clamps and turn them into quality fixture clamps. The key to getting this table perfect was the drilling template I built. This is an easy DIY do it yourself build. You can use this template method to build any size fabrication table you want and it will always turn out perfect! If you don’t have a mag drill, you can always rent one!

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  1. salceti

    Brandon, Love the channel, you make it easy to understand what you are doing. Keep it up, I do have a question for you. I like the fabrication table but I wonder how much would be sacrificed if I used quarter inch steel instead of the three eighths you used? That extra eighth of an inch makes the table top 95 lbs and with quarter inch it is a manageable 64 lbs. Alot easier for one person to lift and move. What are your thoughts?

  2. Allen Marquess

    Do the clamps still work if the movable arm is flipped to face the other way? Would be nice to retain the usability of the clamp in addition to being able to clamp to the table.

  3. Jason On The Rez

    Thanks for the video. You are always an inspiration. I am about to build a table and wanted to pass on some info I learned today. I was wondering about the hole sizes. I got on some websites and looked at clamps, stops, and other things. Found out that the standard hole size is 16mm rather than 5/8. Reason is because the clamps and stops are 5/8, which is 15.9mm, so if your hole is 16mm it gives you just a hair gap to drop the tool in easily. I like your jig idea. I will do that too. Do you wish you had built it bigger? I want at least 3ftx4ft. I build alot of table legs and would like to have a bigger table in the center of my shop.

  4. Robert Law

    The frame on my welding table is angle iron. What kind of underneath support should I weld to the table to keep the top from sagging? Sorry for the questions.

  5. Robert Law

    I had a 3/16" 4×3 plate and since I'm cheap I bought 1/4" sheet and plug welded the sheets together. Hopefully that will work for me. Is there a reason for the 5/8" holes? I was thinking of doing 1/2" holes.

  6. AL Genaro

    nice! maybe next you could make some tall fences for fabricating taller 90degree pieces? cause the dogs by themselves will help you keep short things in line, but tall things might bend out of square the higher up it is. i use dog fences on my woodworking bench and it is really helpful for glue ups and tacking etc.

  7. Thomas Boatright

    I made my weld table a couple of months before this video was made . When I saw how you welded a bolt to your clamp I had to laugh . It's a awesome idea and I had already done it before this video ! Another clamp idea is to use a c clamp . But before welding the bolt on the c clamp , add some angle iron brackets so you can clamp round materials ! Awesome video ! I am now a follower !

  8. Clark Miles

    I just discovered your channel, and as I’ve been fabbing up some small pump bases and skids, making a table like this will really simplify my process. Thanks for sharing!

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