Previously I explained about the deficit routes in JR West.

This time I will show you the deficit routes in JR East area. There are so many deficit routes and lines.

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  1. Tin

    This was very interesting. Very sad to think of closures. I was looking into it more and found some interesting things. The Ōminato Line is isolated from JR and has to go over the Aomori Railway to reach JR. I got very interested in this and found the Ōminato Line, Hachinohe Line (only connection to Shinkansen), Nanao Line, Himi Line and Johana Line are some examples of JR railway lines that do not connect to JR track. Also the Oito Line perhaps as well. This was pretty interesting to me, maybe it might be a cool video sometime to look at these JR lines that connect to railway lines that are privatized now.

  2. Jonathan Ayre

    It would be a shame to lose so many of these lines. I've been on quite a few and had wonderful experiences on a heap of these lines in Akita, Aomori, Iwate and Yamagata Prefectures. I have so many more in the southern parts of Tohoku and around Niigata, Nagano and Gunma left to explore, and I hope I'll get the opportunity once the world re-opens.

  3. Nasanieru Lastname

    I've only read up on these routes on Wikipedia, but I didn't realize that JR East is literally burning money keeping some of them in operation, especially if JNR deemed anything with a density of less than 4,000 to be up for the specified local lines. I really want to see some rural rail in Japan so hopefully I make it there before it becomes too much of a problem.

  4. Erzei

    wow, as a train travel nerd, it saddens me to imagine the closure of so many lines
    I remember my trip along the sanriku coast, rode the train from Miyako to Morioka in the fall and the views were astonishing and beautiful…

  5. MGIC

    The Tadami Line seems to be all over the place when it comes to passenger numbers. But hopefully when the closed section is restored, the passenger numbers on the whole line will be enough to keep it open. It is a beautiful route, even though the most experience I've had with the Tadami Line was driving it on Train Simulator. But even in a simulator, it is still a beautiful route compared to the real route, and would be a shame if the whole route shuts down.

  6. Куаныш Сартай

    Good, informative and complicative video! Thank you, mr. Takeshi san!
    I think, there are only lines with less than 200 transportation density are in danger. Most of rural and commuter lines of JR East are very important and crucial for local citizens, despite low transportation density, especially in weekdays, during rush hours. Because, not everyone have a car, also, there are lack of sufficient drivers for buses, if we will convert them into bus or BRT. Train consist of minimum 2 cars equip more people than 1 bus, also energy consumption is less. If we will close all the lines with density less than 2000, which rail lines will remain? Of course, only main lines, such as Tohoku line to Aomori, Joban line to Sendai and Shinkansen lines including mini-Shinkansen. Many rural areas will lose main transport to large cities, two coasts-Pacific and Japan Sea.
    I watched a lot of videos of "nagomi view"(maybe you know) and this channel shows a lot of cabviews from different railways, and also from the deficit routes of JR East. I liked them, cause these routes brings some atmosphere of rural life and there are a lot of beautiful scenic views along the routes. For example, Iiyama line, Ofunato line, Ishinomaki line, Rikuu lines are good examples of them.
    Mr. Takeshi san, maybe you know, which are transportation densities of Sanriku railway(non JR) and Aterazawa lines? These lines are quite popular among tourists and local citizens. Especially, Sanriku railway for its scenic views. Aterazawa line also carry a lot of students to schools during rush hours. I would like to know some statistics of ridership, transportation density and overall situation of these two routes. This is really interesting!

  7. Tony White

    Very informative. Also very sad to see how vulnerable the Tohoku region is when it comes to future cuts.
    I think it would be seen very badly from a political point of view of JREast cuts these routes since it has so many profirable lines in Kanto and is even investing in them even more.

    It would be a shame if these lines were cut as many of them are very scenic even though most of them run in areas where the weather conditions are so rough and density is so low it reminds a lot of the situation in hokkaido.

    Could you tell us more about the yamagata shinkansen extension plan you just mentioned? Are they discussing extending the mini shinkansen line to Sakata?

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