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An LLC registered agent plays an important role. If your first question is, “do I need a registered agent?” The answer is: yes! This video explains the registered agent meaning with a limited liability company and the importance of it when you’re starting an LLC.

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  1. Abay Azraliyev

    Can I register vehicle to the registered agent address of my llc? The reason is to pay less for car (commercial) insurance via opening llc in another state. Is it works?

  2. Miguel

    So if I have a P.O. Box with a physical address via UPS, I can be my own personal agent since they have regular business hours as well as a physical address?

  3. J Struts

    Can you imagine her as your attorney. Doing her flippant antics, flirting with the judge, the DA, maybe the other parties attorney. She needs to graduate high school.

  4. Kar Mon

    Hi dear. Thank you so much for the information. Can you please inform us with a video that explain how to fill in SS-4 form step by step with explaining and examples?
    Appreciated! 😊😊

  5. Lisa Taylor

    You mentioned registering in other states as a foreign entity. If I am running a virtual business online, does it matter if I have clients or customers in other states? Do I need to register there? Who would need to register in other states?

  6. Harley E Huffine Jr

    This is Ohio Harley e, I have a job that I live paycheck to Monday not paycheck-to-paycheck. Plus I do side gigs like painting repairs haunted houses and buildings I get it all myself I don't have any employees how can I get grants I don't have a LLC or anything like that in the business is in my full name Harley e Huffine Jr. Can you get all up in my business Each one teach one and thank you so much for your videos and knowledge in your time most of all. And last thing I want you to know your greatest wealth is your health

  7. SONY Ahmed

    I'm from India and I want to register and LLC in USA because I need the EIN number for my dropshipping business.
    Please suggest where I can register my LLC and which state should I register my business.
    Thank you.


    If you used a registered agents address when forming your LLC does that mean you need to list the same address for other things like opening a business bank account? Would you list that as your physical address even if you work from home?

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